Case Studies

Showcase Case Study #2

One of our largest clients has a database of over 700 films, all of which are current and all of which must remain available for their employees in any one of over a thousand locations across the world. This means that they have to keep a minimum stock level in every title – sometimes it’s just a dozen, other times it may be a couple of hundred.

Because they are constantly adding to their list of programmes, they have to keep purchasing officers fully apprised of what is available, when, how to order and how long it’s likely to take so they decided to update the printed catalogue and to produce a searchable CDRom to go out to every site – and that’s where we came in.

We took their current catalogue and updated with the new programmes that had been released in the previous year, edited and replaced some that had come off-catalogue and then printed 2500 high quality 400 page A3 full colour brochures. At the same time, we took their database of films, added the new films, with clips, weeded out the redundant ones, edited and tweaked the search programme in order to make it faster, more reliable and easier to use. We then produced 5000 copies of the new and improved digital catalogue and database CD, to go out with the printed books.

All this was done within a tight timeframe from receipt of the final programme listings and assets to shipping all the books and CDs directly to the print fulfilment house.

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